Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Amritsar - How to go, places of interest, things to do

Harmandir Sahib (The Golden Temple)
Prelude : 
After three eventful unforgettable days, we were back on the road. Our friends picked us from Khannabal around 11.00 am. We were on our way to Jammu. We had to reach Jammu Tawi station by 9:00 pm, as we had a train to catch. As things had been going for us on this trip, some adventure was always around the corner. Our driver didn't know the route and tried some short cut. And guess what, we were lost, and were in danger of missing our train - the Jammu -Bhatinda express. Although, our driver was a safe driver, he too looked a bit nervous, especially when it turned dark. After asking a few locals, we found the route to Jammu Tawi station and reached just in the nick of time. After much drama, we got the train and were on our way to the last leg of our tour - the iconic city which is often regarded as the spiritual center of Sikh religion - Amritsar